Wood beyond expectations

Introducing Waurum - a new ecological and extremely durable solution for demanding wood products and applications.

Natural wood at its finest

Waurum is a sustainable, natural and truly durable alternative for chemically processed or endangered hardwoods, offering long-lasting performance, versatility and aesthetics. It is a result of a long development process and extensive, vigorous testing, while staying true to the idea of creating a fully natural solution. We promise a lot but we only promise what we can keep.

A new kind of versatility in wood

Waurum outperforms existing wood materials in traditional uses, such as deckings, floorings, furniture, structures and industrial and maritime solutions. Its hardness makes it more versatile and durable than most commonly used hardwoods such as oak. And as Waurum is fully organic and sustainably produced, it is the perfect alternative for natural teak.

Waurum can be used like any other hardwoods or processed woods. However, due to its unique durability and structure, it is now even possible to manufacture products out of organic wood that traditionally have required non-organic materials. This makes Waurum unique.






Uncompromised performance,
versatility and aesthetics

Unlimited opportunities from 100% natural wood

Waurum can be processed from various types of wood. The hardness, strength, dimensional stability and the tone of the Waurum can be adjusted during the process, resulting in the best possible wood for various uses. Waurum is thoroughly processed from the surface to the core. Waurum can be worked like any other natural wood.

A Groundbreaking approach to wood

Wood is a widely used, ecological material with numerous great qualities. It is durable, lightweight, and has an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. However, as an organic material, wood has its limitations especially in harsh conditions. Traditionally, this has been solved by using chemicals or tropical hardwood, neither of which are ecological or sustainable solutions.

With years of research, engineering and development we have created a ground-breaking, fully natural and organic wood treatment process that significantly improves the already excellent characteristics of wood. All this happens without any chemicals or other additives, resulting in Waurum – an extremely durable wood, perfect for exteriors and interiors, in any scale or environment.

Ecologically driven

The Earth is our only planet, with limited resources and capacity. Wood is a renewable natural resource. We only use timber from sustainably managed forests and our manufacturing process has been designed for energy efficiency. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We have developed Waurum to make wood more durable and thus more ecological and sustainable than ever before. As Waurum is long-lasting, less materials are needed in the long run. Being 100% chemical free, Waurum can be recycled as any natural wood.

Outstanding Waurum® wood

Our test results speak for themselves. Over the past years, Waurum wood has undergone vigorous tests in Finland, UAE and the United States. The numerous tests have been conducted in universities, wood laboratories, forest research centers and other accredited test facilities.


The Brinell test measures the hardness of the wood. The higher the number, the harder is the wood.  Wood is commonly qualified as hardwood if the Brinell Hardness number is 2,6 or more.

All wood in the graph are naturally grown. Planted endangered hardwood are not included in the graph, this is because the hardness of planted hardwood is signicantly lower than naturally grown wood. The presented numbers are average results gathered from various sources.
Waurum wood used in this test was from ash tree.

*Tested by Mikpolis Wood Laboratory in February 2017.


The water absorption test (EN 927-5) is used to determine how much water is absorbed into the wood. The lower the number, the less water is absorbed into the wood.

Waurum was tested together with two well known and appreciated modern processed wood products: Kebony® and Accoya®.

 During  the test the specimens are measured, weighed and stabilized in 20°C 65% (RH). After stabilization the specimens are placed under water for 72 hours. After this, the specimens are analyzed and measured. The measure used in the test is grams per square meter (g/m2).

The numbers presented in graphs are averages from numerous tests. Waurum wood used in this test was processed from birch.

The tests were made by Mikpolis Wood Laboratory in December 2016.

Waurum is the wood you have been looking for


Can be used under all conditions.


Alternative for finest hardwoods.


Lasts through generations.


All timber from sustainable forests.


No toxics or any additives.


100% natural wood.


Exceptionally stable.


Does not require treatment.


Nearly unlimited opportunities for use.


Resistant to termites and pests.


Natural, clean wood is safe to use.


Natural look and feel of wood like it is.


Waurum is a technology company that specializes in ecological wood processing. Our team has decades of experience in the development of sustainable wood products. Our mission is to create aesthetic, uncompromisingly durable and ecological wood solutions that last throughout generations.  We are constantly developing new products and processes.